Offensive Security

cyber security

Find out what the bad guys could do, before they do. We have specialist certified consultants who can simulate modern attack techniques used in the wild.

Penetration Testing &
Security Assesments

Would a criminal go through the front door when there’s a window left open? A penetration test takes an objective look at the security of your system. This could be a web application, a remote access VPN, your wireless networks, or any other piece of technology used by your business.

Whether it’s something that got missed when you moved from development to production, or probing to find if your new software uses outdated approaches to security, we’ll look at scenarios both in and outside the intended features to see what’s really possible.

Control Systems
Source code

Red Teaming & Special Engagements


Has your business been singled out by hackers or criminals? How well did your security stand up? Just as importantly, would you know?

Red Team engagements offer a real perspective of how your organisation stands up to attacks. Our team will simulate hackers, criminal organisations, or other adversaries and attempt to gain access to the systems most important to you. The scope of a red team is typically broad. Where a penetration test might target one or even several systems, red teams look wider than the technology and look at “any” legal method to get in.

Our approach is collaborative by design, if our attacks are successful, or we’re able to bypass the detections of your security team and products, we’ll work with you to improve the strength of your detection and defences.

Have another specialist technology? Custom Bluetooth protocol; IoT device built specially for you; or an API built specifically for your business needs? Our team boasts an impressive breadth of technical knowledge. Talk to us to find out how we can help.

Social Engineering &
Physical Security

The most profitable cybercrime continues to leverage social engineering. Whether it’s phishing emails, phone calls, or actual physical intrusions, criminals attack the human element to cause a great deal of damage.

Our team has the skills to test your systems and help make real improvements. From the technical aspects of phishing techniques, to bypassing access control and swipe card systems, or tackling physical locks and breaking into buildings, we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your systems, and assist in building real solutions.

Our training platforms and programmes can be tailored to your business, are designed from the ground-up to be accessible, and are digestible to both technical and non-technical audiences. All concepts are built on proven teaching techniques, providing scaffolding for staff to progress between concepts and equip and empower them to keep attacks at bay!

Social Engineering
Spear Phishing
Breakout Assessments

Host & Configuration Reviews

A house is only as strong as its foundation. Secure configuration and design are fundamental to building a system you can have confidence in.

Our team have expertise in Windows, Linux, Virtualisation, Networking, Databases, Cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.), Internet of Things, and Industrial Control Systems. We will work with you for everything from secure, best-practice configurations of Linux hosts, to the hybrid cloud architecture you’re using to connect your on premise infrastructure to the cloud.

Modern systems are highly complex, and small deviations can lead to major impacts. Make secure configuration and design a part of your process from the beginning. Contact us to see how we can help.

CIS Benchmarking
SOE Testing
Breakout Assessments
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