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Offensive Security

Penetration Testing & Security Assessments

Developers and system administrators deploy a variety of security controls to protect a business from modern tactics and techniques used by malicious actors. A key stage in the deployment of these controls is to validate and test their effectiveness. Division 5 provides penetration testing and ethical hacking by specialised consultants with unique skill sets. We aim to simulate an attack by malicious actors and report on the findings of vulnerabilities. These services are designed to provide a level of confidence to a business that the security controls in place are both adequate and effective, while providing technical guidance on how these controls may be strengthened.

Defensive Security

Blue Team Capabilities

Modern blue teams require a fusion of capabilities across prevention, detection, analysis, and response with a wide variety of processes and tools. Often this complexity can leave teams operating independently, making it difficult to create a structured approach to measuring their overall capability, direction and success.

Division 5 can review these key areas across your business functions and provide advice, regardless of the maturity level of your organisation’s capabilities. This advice can include hands-on tuning of existing security systems, or the creation of a structured approach to delivering defensive security capabilities. Our approach will help you realise a true value proposition for the organisation, and demonstrate the growth and maturity through monitoring and response functions.

Strategic Security

Governance, risk & compliance

Business leaders are faced with an ever-changing threat landscape. They set corporate governance policies and processes needed to ensure the organisation’s success. These policies and processes include daily operational requirements, and how risk and compliance are managed within the organisation. Technical input in the development of policies and processes ensures a complete and rounded approach.

Division 5 can provide a wide range of services to assist at all levels within the business. These services are focused on a repeatable, measured approach to cyber security with outcomes that provide clear direction, measurable change, and work for your business.

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