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We’re here to help you detect, analyse, respond, and remediate faster through our years of experience in protecting some of the most sensitive environments.

Security Incident Response &
Computer Forensics

Division 5 provide fast, effective support during a security incident. We provide on-site or remote professional consultancy services to ensure minimal impact during the incident, and to further assist with restoration services as required. Our Incident Response service follows NIST 800-61 standards for incident handling, and we can plug expertise in at any phase during the response, whether you require assistance with identification and containment, neutralisation, recovery of service, or reporting and post incident review.

We offer our services through an option of an upfront retainer, for additional comfort and peace of mind, allowing an immediate call to support staff to kick the engagement off. Alternatively, ad-hoc and immediate assistance when required during an incident. Get in contact with us to find out what service would work best with your business.


Infrastructure Design & Architecture Review


Do you have a new project, or an environment that has had several changes? An architecture and design review allows a security resource to review your plans or environments with a security lens. Modern environments must meet the balance of risk and functionality to ensure they enable the business to meet there needs and ultimately success.

We work with our client's project and operations teams to provide them with a security resource that understands security architecture. Our focus is to provide achievable recommendations to help strengthen the organisations IT environments. Talk to us and we can work with you to create an assessment to meet the needs of your business.

Blue Team Capability Review

Are you struggling for direction in how to protect your sensitive assets, or do you suffer from an influx of too much security technology that overlaps between various platforms? Division 5 can assist you in your daily operations to help identify and realise any skills, capability or technology efficiencies within your organisation.

Division 5 have worked with large organisations, including those responsible for critical infrastructure and public safety systems, to help mature operational security effectiveness. Get in contact with us to discuss how we can better position your Cyber Security team in their ability to detect and respond to security incidents, and better protect your critical assets.

Blue Team

Security Incident & Event Management Tuning

More common than not, we see organisations drowning in operational logs from firewalls and other network devices, web proxies, email devices and all other types of infrastructure in their environment. This state often leads to alert fatigue and can often make it difficult to discern important events from those that should be of focus.

Division 5 have proven track record in delivering SIEM capabilities that provide real, contextual and prioritised events through complex environments. We focus on false positive reduction, reducing irrelevant events, and applying consistent priority across those events that matter. We align our default methodologies to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, however, we can adjust to meet specific industry requirements as needed.

With experience delivering these services to organisations of tens of thousands of active users, we would love to have a chat to find out how we can help your organisation!

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